Corporate Volunteers

We have great opportunities available for corporations who are interested in volunteering here at Arkansas Children's. If you have any suggestions for corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Engagement office at (501) 364-1825 with any questions. See the list below for possible ideas.

Comfort Food Program

A great way for a corporation to provide support for the hospital is by offering parents/guardians a chance to get away and have a warm meal with other adults. Comfort Food is a new program at Arkansas Children's designed to assist families. This program allows groups to donate pre-packaged food for our ICU waiting rooms. A cookie, a sandwich, or even a warm dinner has the ability to help parents of critically-ill patients manage through difficult times. It offers them not only sustenance but an opportunity to take a break from their stressors and share a moment with others in similar situations.

If your corporation is interested in the program, you may opt to contribute once, or even see a monthly event as a more suitable volunteer opportunity. Please contact Volunteer Engagement (e-mail us at or call 501-364-1825) to find out more about program participation options.

Grounds Workday

Corporations can request a date for a workday. Equipment such as rakes, shovels, etc. will be provided by the grounds department. Arkansas Children's requests that volunteers provide their own gloves. All other materials needed for the workday will be provided by the h. Please note that in the event of inclement weather (including rain) the workday would be canceled.

Seasonal Volunteers

From time to time, seasonal help is needed for different events and activities that occur at Arkansas Children's. Corporate volunteers are often needed for winter and spring parties.

Mock Party

Host a mock party for your corporation, request that your employees bring gifts suitable for children, and then donate gifts to the hospital. You may host any of the suggested mock parties (Sweet Sixteen, Un-Birthday Parties, or Baby Showers). . .or even create one of your own! Please call the Volunteer Engagement office at (501) 364-1825 to request a mock party brochure that lists party and gift ideas.