DAISY Teamwork Award

    New annual award from the DAISY Foundation designed to honor collaboration by two or more people, led by a nurse, who meet patient or family needs and reach quality outcomes by going above and beyond.

    Criteria for Selection:

    • Be comprised of 2 or more individuals, led by a nurse
    • Exemplify ACH Behavior and Service Standards
    • Role model teamwork that make a difference in the lives of patient, families, employees, the community
    • Demonstrate commitment to quality outcomes

    Examples of extraordinary collaborations honored with the DAISY Team Award:

    • An ED team dealing with multiple accident victims
    • A fund organized to provide haircuts to patients who will lose their hair during treatment. Then donating the hair to an organization who put the hair to good use.
    • A process for creating mementos of patients to be given to family members
    • A "Prom" organized for a patient who is unable to go to her/his own


    I nominate the following team Team Name:  *Including team members List first and last name of all team members:  *This team is a deserving recipient of the DAISY Teamwork Award. This team consistently meets the above criteria (review criteria and enter comments below): Include a story with specific examples of how the team meets criteria:  *Your Name:  *Your Credentials:  *Unit:  *Relationship to Nominee:  *Phone:  *Your Email:  *I give permission to the Nurses Week Committee to share a copy of this nomination with the nominee after the awards period.