Seizure Safety

Although your child has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, we encourage you to let your child live a normal life.  Children with seizures do not usually have any physical limitations or activity restrictions. 

There is a chance that your child could lose consciousness during a seizure, so there are certain circumstances that your child should avoid or be closely monitored.  Your child’s life could be at risk if he/she were to lose consciousness during certain activities.

  • Swimming/Taking a Bath:  Your child should always be closely monitored while in the water.  Encourage your child to take showers instead of sitting in a tub of water.
  • Fire:  Your child should always be closely monitored around campfires, fireplaces, or hot ovens/stoves.
  • Heights:  Your child should always be closely monitored when activity includes heights – monkey bars, trees, etc.
  • Driving:  Arkansas law requires your child to be seizure-free for one year before driving.

Please be aware that your child may have increased seizures when he/she is sick, running a fever, sleep-deprived, or under stress.  It is also very important that your child not miss his/her medication because this could cause increased seizures.