Information Systems

Teaching and Administration Documentation

The purpose of this system is to document time spent in resident training and physician administrative duties on the ACH campus. This documentation is necessary to receive reimbursement on the Medicaid cost report.

Teaching and Administration Documentation Definitions:

  • Resident Training:
    • Classroom Instruction - time spent instructing interns and residents in a classroom setting.
    • Instruction Prep/Admin - time spent in preparation for classroom instruction and/or other administrative work related to the training program.
    • Direct Patient Care - time spent supervising residents in direct patient care activities if the patient procedure does not result in a patient charge at ACH.
  • ACH Administrative Services: Time spent doing ACH activities which do not result in a patient charge and is not resident training time. Examples would be attending conferences, committee work, and general supervision of hospital personnel at ACH.
  • Total Hours: Total hours worked during the month at ACH.

For questions call Clay Shuffield at 364-2589

PI Reporting System

The PI Reporting System allows the investigator to view the financial status of multiple research grant accounts in a format similar to an investment summary statement. The user is able to view the account number, project title, total amount funded, the amount expensed and the current balance for all accounts on one screen. The program also provides the user with the option of viewing detailed information for individual accounts by “drilling down” several levels from the summary page to the purchase order. The system interacts with CHAOS (ACHRI’s research grant database) and the eRequest system and is updated every 24 hours.

Animal Tracking

ACHRI's Animal Tracking System (ATS) is designed to facilitate the management of the animal operations within the institute. The system extends the functionality of a paper-based system by providing a mechanism for tracking all animal facility costs associated with a particular protocol. ACHRI personnel can then generate accurate and timely invoices for the services they provide. By making the most of the technology available to the everyday user, it allows research support personnel to provide services with the highest standard of quality.