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Download the Research Guidebook for detailed descriptions of research support services offered by ACRI Research Administration.


The Biostatistics Core at ACRI provides comprehensive assistance with study design, data analysis, and statistical results interpretation. The core is staffed by two doctoral level statisticians and two master’s level statisticians who are available to support researchers of Arkansas Children’s with statistical applications related to basic science, clinical, health outcomes, epidemiologic, and behavioral research. Our statisticians have knowledge and expertise in SAS, open-source R, and SPSS software packages. 

Key Services

  • Assist with grant proposal development
  • Determine study or experimental design
  • Calculate sample size and power
  • Identify appropriate statistical methods or models
  • Analyze data and interpret results
  • Develop surveys and questionnaires
  • Review manuscripts for statistical content
  • Assist in writing statistical content for grant proposals and publications
  • Develop tables and figures for scientific publications


The first hour of consulting is free.  Additional support will be charged on an hourly basis

Consulting for grant proposal preparation is free. Costs associated with statistical support needed during the project period should be included in the grant application budget.

  • Intramural Applications:  Proposal budgets should include a single charge for statistical support that is based on the approximate total hours of engagement.
  • Extramural Applications:  Proposal budgets should include salary support at the level of effort required to complete the work.  Effort determinations will be based on the extent and volume of work (scope of the project).  Work is defined as study design, drafting of data analysis plan, data analysis/interpretation, and reporting.

Contact Us

Please contact the Core at the conceptual stage of research to ensure quality results.

To request biostatistical support for your research, please contact Senior Biostatistician, Dr. Beverly J. Spray, PhD, by email or phone (501-364-3184).

The purpose of the Arkansas Children's Research Institute Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core is to provide data analysis support for Arkansas Children's Institute Researchers, as well as those outside our Institute.

About Us

The Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core at Arkansas Children’s Research Institute provides investigator support in experimental design, data analysis, data visualization, and highly rigorous interpretation of large, complex data sets. The core maintains state-of-the-art analytical pipelines for the advances of “omics” technologies.

Our ServicesACRI Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core Services

  1. Analysis of Genomics Experimental Output
    • 16S Microbiome
    • RNA Sequencing
    • miRNA Sequencing
    • DNA Methylation
  2. Analysis of Proteomics Experimental Output
    • Label-free Quantification
    • Post-translational Modifications
    • Tandem Mass Tag (multiplex)
  3. Custom Services for Proteomics and Genomics

Core Location

The Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core is located on the second floor of the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute at 13 Children’s Way, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202.

Core Staff


We request that investigators acknowledge the core with the following:

“The Arkansas Children’s Research Institute’s Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core is supported by the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, and the Center for Translational Pediatric Research funded by the National Institutes of Health (P20GM121293).”

Request Our Services

Use the button below to initiate a sample submission or to obtain a quote for services. A member of the Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core will contact you shortly after you submit the request. We look forward to providing you with cutting-edge bioinformatics services!

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The purpose of the Arkansas Children's Research Informatics Core (RIC) is to support investigators and researchers to gain access to state-of-the-art research tools and technologies for biomedical research.

About Us

The Research Informatics team at Arkansas Children’s Research Institute offers the services and the tools that enable investigators to conduct research activities. The Research Informatics team emphasizes biomedical informatics as an approach in facilitating research projects and in assisting investigators in the daily use of research database systems and clinical/operational support requests. The Research Informatics team maintains state-of-the-art research tools and technologies.

Our Services

Data Management

  • Manage the life cycle of research informatics projects:
    • Define research and project needs with investigators and manage the delivery of project deliverables.
    • Devise and implement policies and standard operating procedures with attention to data security and efficiency of data handling and management.
  • Manage research informatics tools such as RAiA, TriNetX, and ACT as well as assist in the development of the Research Data Capture (REDCap) and PHIS systems.


  • Retrieve data for approved research, quality improvement, and operational support projects, primarily through the electronic medical record repository as well as other resources such as RAiA, TriNetX, and the Children’s Hospital Association’s (CHA) Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS), among others.
  • Define ways to organize, store, and analyze data with attention to security and confidentiality.

Support and Training

  • Support Arkansas Children’s and UAMS investigators in daily use of research database systems.
  • Develop and conduct training for Arkansas Children’s and UAMS investigators with a focus on teaching best practices to enhance data efficiency, collection, and security.
  • Provide continuing service request support of database projects, including access, security, maintenance, and enhancement.

Core Staff

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Use the links below to initiate a request for services. A member of the Research Informatics team will contact you shortly after the request is submitted. If you have questions or need help, you can attend the Ask RIC sessions held every Monday from 12 pm to 1 pm.

We look forward to providing you with cutting-edge informatics services.

Contact Us

To request informatics support for your research, please contact the research informatics program manager, Ahmed AbuHalimeh, Ph.D. or 501-364-2651

ACT Network

ACH is part of the Accrual for Clinical Trials (ACT) Network, a nationwide group of leading academic research institutions that share patient counts from electronic health record data. Explore and validate feasibility for clinical studies to learn more about patient populations.

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Animal Forms:

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ACRI Grant Submission Forms:

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For the extramural budget template, please email our Grant Development Specialist.

PCRU Forms:

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Industry Sponsored Project/Clinical Trials Forms:

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HIPAA Forms:

For questions related to HIPAA, please contact Amanda Holloway, CHRC , Human Research Protections Program Director by phone at 501-364-2862 or by email at

NIH Forms:

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If you need assistance with drafting and revising your research proposal, ACRI has writing and editing support for you. Contact Phaedra Yount or John Gregan when you know your plan for developing your grant application will require support for writing and editing. They will compare your schedule and theirs and contact you. Making them a part of your application development plan early will help your schedule run smoother and help you submit a clearer research plan.

Descriptions of Facilities Boilerplate Text

Descriptions of the facilities and grant resources are available to cut and paste into grant applications. If you would like a copy of these descriptions, please send an email to Phaedra or John and they will send those to you via email.

ACRI Policies are located on the ACRI COMPoint Page or the policy box. If you are unable to access the site, please contact Phaedra Yount.

Using Controlled Substances in Research: Guidance and Information

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to know, understand, and follow the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and State of Arkansas rules and regulations pertaining to all aspects of controlled substances, and keep all required registrations, certificates, licenses, and records in force. Failure to comply with the DEA and Arkansas Department of Health regulations may result in forfeiture of DEA registration and Arkansas Department of Health Registration. Failure to produce complete disposition records at the request of ACRI management or ACH Audit Services may result in assumption that drugs were potentially diverted.

Guidance and Information

Memo from ACRI Administration


ACRI's Controlled Substances Policy can be found on the ACRI COMPoint page (Click Here to Access ACRI Policies). If you are unable to access the site, please contact Phaedra Yount.


Schedule II Order Forms (DEA Form 222) - Official Order Forms may be ordered by calling the DEA Headquarters Registration Unit toll free at 1-800-882-9539. The forms will be mailed within 10 working days. Official order forms may also be obtained by submitting a completed requisition form, DEA Form 222a, to DEA, Registration Unit, PO Box 28083, Washington, DC 20038-8083. There is no charge for Official Order Forms.

Related Information

How to obtain an Arkansas Department of Health Report of Drugs Surrendered? - Contact the ADH using the information below.

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