Natural Wonders Partnership Council (NWPC)

Natural Wonders Partnership Council seeks to improve child health in Arkansas through a collaborative of leaders working together to organize, mobilize, and deliver on defined strategic child health initiatives. Arkansas Children's is the cornerstone organization for Natural Wonders. The Council Leadership Team consists of ten core organizations. Workgroups organize around identified key priorities informed by the Community Health Needs Assessment. Workgroups are comprised of state, non-profit, business, faith, and community participants and volunteers.

Natural Wonders Partnership Council meets quarterly on the last Tuesday of the month at 8 – 9 a.m.

Five Workgroups

Increasing Immunizations

  • Recruit pharmacies in high need areas to become VFC providers.
  • Develop recruitment plan and campaign messages for partner vaccine advocacy work, to include parents as important advocates.
  • Provide immunization education material for school nurses through the CHPS/CHNS.

The First 2,100 Days of Life

  • By 2025-year end, provide education for underrepresented populations at identified Safety Baby Showers.
  • By 2025-year end, expand unbranded safety photo library to include underrepresented populations.
  • By 2025-year end, develop breastfeeding support toolkit for employers in the state to support employees returning to work after birth.

Mental Health and Well-being

  • Support positive mental health by providing school staff and other community members with evidence-based training such as Mental Health First Aid as well as additional training on resiliency, trauma informed practices, and emotional well-being.  
  • Support policy, programs, and initiatives that address the needs of all young people through high quality counseling and mental health services.  
  • Support or develop initiatives around sustainable counseling and mental health service provider. 

Healthy Relationships

  • Workgroup Priority Areas: Teen-age Pregnancy, Child Abuse/Neglect & Infant Mortality
  • Currently in the phase of doing an environmental scan to see what work everyone is doing and ensuring we have everyone at the table.

Building Community Assets

  • Promote sustainable solutions to food insecurity
  • Improve Financial Literacy
  • Healthcare Awareness

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