Vendor Credentialing

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In a continuous effort to enhance our standards of patient safety and campus security, as well as comply with Joint Commission requirements (EC.02.01.01; LD.04.01.05; IC.02.01.01), Arkansas Children’s has partnered with Green Security to provide vendor credentialing services. Per Arkansas Children’s policy, all vendor representatives are required to comply with our credentialing program in order to visit our facilities.

Registration Information

  1. Go to and click the “Sign Up Today” link located on the upper right of the green menu bar
    1. Note: Companies must be registered in order for their representatives to register underneath the business. If your employer is not yet registered, they will need to complete their registration first before you can register as an individual.
  2. Choose a level of access
    1. Representatives will choose either Level 2B or Level 3. Any representative who will need access to patient care areas (i.e., any area in which patients may be observed receiving care), must register as Level 3. This includes all in-patient units, pharmacy, OR, etc. Level 2B is strictly for representatives who will be accessing administrative/non-patient areas.
  3. Complete the online registration form
    1. Green Security performs social security based background and sex offender registry checks. You will be asked to provide your social security number. Employer attestations will not be accepted as a substitute. The cost for this service is $69.
    2. At initial registration, representatives will be required to pay a one-time fee of $20 in order to receive a personalized vendor badge.
  4. Submit required documentation
    1. After completing the online registration form, Green Security will contact you directly with instructions regarding documentation submission.
    2. Level 2B requirements include:
      1. TB Skin Test or, if positive, documentation chest X-ray
      2. Educational training or certification for the product or service being provided
      3. Competency Assessment for the product or service being provided
    3. Level 3 requirements include:
      1. TB Skin Test or, if positive, documentation chest X-ray
      2. Hepatitis B Vaccination
      3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination
      4. Flu Vaccination
      5. Educational training or certification for the product or service being provided
      6. Competency Assessment for product or service being provided
      7. HIPAA/Confidentiality Agreement
      8. Blood Borne Pathogens Training
  5. Receive your badge in the mail
    1. Once you have cleared the background and SOR checks and submitted all of your required documentation, Green Security will mail your badge directly via priority mail. Please keep in mind you will need to sign for this package. Badges are hard plastic and reusable, not disposable.

Visiting our Facilities

Representatives must scan their badges at a check-in location – Purchasing, Main Entrance, OR, or Pharmacy – upon entering and exiting. Please note the OR and Pharmacy sign-in stations are in secured locations and are to be used only by representatives visiting the OR or Pharmacy. Arkansas Children’s policy requires that all vendor representatives visibly wear their identification badges at all times when on campus. Our policy also requires that representatives have a valid appointment with an Arkansas Children’s employee prior to arriving at our facilities. In the event you are unable to complete your registration prior to arriving for your appointment, please report to the Purchasing Office before your meeting so you can be issued a temporary badge.

Questions or Concerns

Arkansas Children’s Purchasing Department
Phone: 501-364-1173

Green Security, LLC
Phone: 866-750-3373