1. Drink water!

Since we know COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets, athletic trainers and coaching staff are working to ensure kids are not sharing water bottles. Many programs have asked kids to bring their own water to practice or are providing individual water bottles. Drinking enough water is important for every athlete. Parents should encourage their children to drink plenty of water, both at practice and throughout the day.

2. Wear Your Mask

Student athletes should be diligent about wearing masks when they aren’t playing or actively practicing. Whether on the sideline or in a team meeting, masking guidelines need to be followed. Coaching staff should also wear masks to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Masks should be washed daily and swapped out for a clean mask when one gets wet or dirty. Quick tip: Packing a few masks for one day can help set your child up for success.

3. Cleaning practices & limiting contact

In addition to emphasizing the importance of frequent hand washing, athletic departments are focusing on cleaning shared spaces and high touch surfaces. Areas like locker rooms and weight rooms should be cleaned often. When possible, limiting meetings in these areas is also important. Other changes to game day protocols have also started, including no handshakes after games.

4. Off the field/court

Schools and athletic programs have many measures in place to help keep kids safe. Parents and students need to remember their activities off the field/court can directly impact their ability to play. When not at practice, students should be mindful of who they are around, avoiding large groups when possible. When around others, masks should be worn and social distancing maintained. Being individually responsible for these things will help ensure the seasons can continue as planned.

If your child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, make sure to notify the school’s athletic trainer or coaching staff so proper precautions can be made.