The temperatures are soaring, and kids are out of school. It’s officially Summer, and parents are often searching for activities to keep their kids busy and their minds engaged. Helping kids get involved in their community and fostering an attitude of generosity are great ways to pass the time while also teaching them important lessons.

At Arkansas Children’s we help thousands of kids feel better today and healthier tomorrow. Families and organizations often share their positive experiences, and ask how they can be helpful or give back to the healthcare system that’s done so much for them. Seeing how kids creatively jump on board to help other kids is one of the best experiences at Arkansas Children’s.

Encouraging your children to get involved with philanthropy has many benefits, including nurturing empathy toward other children whose circumstances may be different than their own. Additionally, they learn the joy of serving others in need and develop a sense of pride in their contributions.

Here are three ideas for how your children can get involved with Arkansas Children’s, and we have some free downloads to support their efforts, too! Tap into what your children enjoy and let them put their fingerprints and creative personal touches on the project.

  1. Host a lemonade stand. This summer staple has many education benefits as well, teaching kids the importance of planning, customer service and money management.
    1. For a free lemonade stand starter kit, including signs and invitation graphics, see links below.
    2. Visit to learn more or call  1-800-880-7491 to schedule a time to drop off your donation.
  2. Put together care packages. Hospital stays are often unexpected and care packages are a great way to support families during a stressful time.
    1. Care packages commonly include travel size: shampoo, soap/body wash, toothbrush (adult and kid sizes), and toothpaste.
    2. You can also buy prepackaged care kits at Walmart and other large stores. 

  3. Host a toy or art supplies drive. When kids are in the hospital, toys and activities can be happy distractions from the medicine and procedures of their daily life.
    1. Click here for our toy donation wish lists.
    2. You can deliver toys and other donated items at the Volunteer Engagement departments at either hospital. For more information, visit our website.

To drop off toys and gifts Monday through Friday, you may schedule your donation through this link.

We are grateful for any way your family chooses to get involved with Arkansas Children’s, and appreciate your willingness to join us as Champions for Children.