OrganWise Guys

This program offers the evidence-based OrganWise Guys curriculum for K - 2nd-grade students at elementary schools across the state.  A brief, one-time training is provided to the classroom teachers and then a fun kickoff assembly is held for the students to introduce the OrganWise characters!  8 to 12 classroom-based lessons are completed throughout the year. Lesson objectives are reinforced with activity sheets, Wisercise activities, and a Food of the Month Club implemented in the school cafeteria.      

Students learn to name and locate body parts and understand how each relates to their overall health and quality of life.  This comprehensive nutrition and physical activity program enhances the school’s efforts to create a healthier school environment and helps improve the health status of participants through regular education and activity.  Hospital health educators visit the school multiple times throughout the school year to provide classroom lessons.  The classroom teacher provides remaining lessons during the year. 

For more information please contact Sarah Harlan at or 501-364-6442.