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Teen Gets Back to Life After Transplant

February 15, 2018

Teen Gets Back to Life After Transplant

Kidney Transplant Patient

Reagan Brown has a family history of kidney disease. So on a routine medical check-up, her mom and doctor discussed family history and decided to check her kidneys. The test came back abnormal. After more tests, Reagan was diagnosed with Stage 3 renal failure at age 11.

This active 6th grader’s life changed dramatically. She was on home dialysis which restricted the time she could spend with friends and away from home. She was extremely tired, was on several medications and couldn’t eat her favorite foods.
At age 14, her family and medical team made the decision to put Reagan’s name on the kidney transplant waiting list, but they didn’t have to wait long. Two weeks later Reagan was contacted about a transplant. "I wasn’t afraid," Reagan said. "Just ready."
With her new kidney, she’s back to enjoying things she couldn’t before and eating her favorite food - hot chips! "I can go to a friend’s house for a sleepover, I get to stay out longer and not have to worry about being in bed at a certain time, and I have more energy. I like to dance," she said. In fact, she was dancing and moving in her room just a few days after getting home from surgery.
With all her dancing, it’s no surprise that her favorite school activity is drama club. And what does she see herself doing in the future? "I want to be an actress!"

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