Things to Know About Our Hospital

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Maps & Directions

Within the hospital, there are overhead signs and signs on walls to direct you to different areas. Inside each entrance, there is also a large diagram of the hospital.

If you are confused, just approach any hospital employee (you'll know they're an employee because they'll be wearing an identification badge!) and ask for assistance.

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Patient Rooms

Children are assigned to rooms based on their diagnosis, needs, and room availability. Every effort is made to make the patient and family comfortable; some rooms are private and some are shared with one or more others. Each room has a phone, television, VCR, patient bed. Rooms in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) also have DVD players. Remember that if your child needs a crib, the side rails need to be up at all times.

Overnight Accommodations for Parents

Your contact with your child is important to maintain the parental bond, increase a sense of security and well-being, and to ensure that care in the hospital will be continued at home. As a result, ACH attempts to accommodate two parents per child in either the child's room or in the waiting room. There are many different types of patient rooms; in some, there is one sleeper chair while others are large enough for two sleeper chairs. In most intensive care areas provision for two parents per child is provided in the waiting area. The PICU has provision for one parent to sleep next to the child. Unfortunately, space does not permit sleeping arrangements for additional family members; children under 18 years are not permitted to stay overnight at the hospital. Of course, any family member, adult or child may not visit or stay overnight if they are sick.

The Ronald McDonald House (RMH) is across the street from the hospital and can accommodate some parents on a referral basis. There are application forms for the RMH at the desk in each waiting area: families are assigned to a room as they become available. Eligible parents are at least 18 years of age and live more than 50 miles from ACH. Mothers with c-section delivery of children younger than one month in one of the intensive care areas are given first priority; other new mothers of children in the intensive care areas are given second priority. Families of children older than 30 days are then placed by order on the waiting list. If you have questions or need help with the application, contact the Family Support Assistant in the waiting rooms. There are a limited number of out-patient rooms which can be used for one to two nights; contact the Social Work department for a referral.

The ACH Family RV Lot

There is a small, free RV lot at the hospital which has hook-ups, but no waste disposal. You may call ahead to the Security Department, 501-364-4353; space is on a first come, first serve basis. There are also RV lots in the central Arkansas area through Arkansas State Parks and Recreation and other national organizations. There are also some local RV campgrounds and several nearby hotels/motels which give a reduced rate, nightly and weekly, to our parents. (This is an incomplete listing of sites which are not endorsed by ACH)


Some children are placed in various forms of isolation because they have a contagious illness or are immunosuppressed; during that time, visitors may be limited and family members may be asked to use a different bathroom or wear a glove/mask/gown. Please remember that any limitation of this nature is for the well-being and safety of you, your child, other children, and staff.


There are bathrooms located in almost every patient room which the families may use (the exceptions are isolation areas e.g. Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, some areas of the PICU, NICU, and CVICU). There are public restrooms and showers on each floor of the hospital. Of course, courtesy and tidiness are encouraged for each family using the facilities.

Washers and Dryers

Free laundry areas are available in several locations throughout the hospital. The Family Support Assistant in the intensive care waiting rooms can provide small packages of laundry detergent at no cost.


Children who eat regular food may order their choices from menus provided daily; within doctor's orders, they may also receive a meal ticket from the Unit Secretary to go to the cafeteria and choose from many food types. The hospital has an extremely limited meal assistance program; primarily each family is responsible for buying or bringing their own food. For exceptions contact the Family Support Assistant. A variety of foods at varying costs are available in the cafeteria, and there are many nearby restaurants and restaurants which will deliver food to our hospital. Vending machines are also located at several sites within the hospital.

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TV's and Telephones

ACH has limited cable access selected primarily for the enjoyment of children and families; there is also an in-house channel with health information and live presentations of special "happenings" within the hospital.

Free telephones and televisions are provided in each room. Local calls may be made by dialing 9 + the local number. Long distance calls may be made using a long-distance calling card or by calling collect. For long distance calls dial 9+ 1 + area code + phone number. There are also pay phones located at several places in the hospital. In intensive care waiting rooms, there are areas designated for each family's phone messages. Some children's rooms may be direct dialed; check with your nurse to see if this service is available in your child's room.

Some clinics and departments have toll-free numbers for calling into the hospital; there is no general toll-free number. Check with your clinic or departmental staff. The main hospital number is 501-364-1100.

Gift Shop

Looking for something special for you or your child? Visit the Playaway Gift Shop just off the main lobby on the first floor at the front of the hospital. The gift shop has a variety of toys, stickers, stuffed animals, balloons, candy, cards, magazines, postal stamps, clothing, and seasonal gifts for both children and family members. They may even have your child's favorite cartoon character.

Mail and Newspapers

There is a post office collection box in the breezeway close to the Emergency Room for out-going mail. Our Child Life Department sorts and delivers patient mail daily to the bedside. Mail for family members will be brought to the child's room or the respective waiting area whichever is appropriate. Computers are available in the Family Library located on the first floor of the Sturgis Building where e-mail may be checked and sent. Local newspapers are available in newspaper racks outside the South Entrance of the hospital and in the Playaway Gift Shop.


Arkansas Children's Hospital is now a tobacco and smoke-free environment. That means smoking and tobacco use will not be allowed on Children's property, including buildings, grounds, and parking area for the health of the kids.

Automated Tell Machines (ATM's) and Money Orders

ACH has two ATM machines located outside the cafeteria exit. The closest places to claim a money order are the Harvest Foods grocery store locations on South Main and 12th Streets. Remember that identification is required to claim a money order.

Lost and Found

Contact the ACH Security department at extension 44353.

Safe-keeping for Valuables

We strongly recommend that you do not bring valuables and/or items which can't be replaced to ACH; however, if you have a large amount of cash or other expensive items you may ask your nurse or Social Worker to assist you in having the item(s) placed in the safe of the Security Department. Small lockers are available in the waiting rooms of the intensive care areas; the Family Support Assistant will assign a locker and combination lock to you on a space available basis.

Parents and Visitors

We know that visitors are important for both you and your child's support and encouragement. Visits may also help your child feel better more quickly. Generally, parents are welcome to visit their child for as long as they wish; however, each unit determines their visiting policy. Your child's health will determine the number of visitors and length of visits permitted.

In the interest of your child's safety, parents are given "Parent Badges" at the Admissions desk in the lobby at the front of the hospital; wear this badge at all times to help hospital staff identify you.

Parents not spending the night at the hospital and any other visitors may visit between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily.

Healthy children of any age may visit with their parents in the waiting rooms and in some patient rooms. They may only visit in intensive care areas with the attending doctor's permission. Children (under 18) do not spend the night in the hospital and need to always be in the care and supervision of an adult. Toys may be available from one of the playrooms or by notifying the Child Life representative if needed; however, when visits by little ones are planned, it is a good idea to bring two or three of their favorite, quiet toys or games to keep their interest.

We make every effort to provide a calm and orderly environment for our patient's health and recovery from illness. If there are unfriendly relationships with various family members or ex-family members, please settle those before coming into the hospital since no verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated on site. It is possible for the parents or legal guardians of a child to restrict certain individuals without legal rights from visitation at ACH. Please be aware that you may be asked to provide a copy of custody and visitation court papers when such requests are made. We ask that adults behave as adults because we are all here for the well-being, safety, and treatment of children. Your Social Worker may assist you with these issues, if necessary.