What are Hypercoagulable Conditions?

Hypercoagulable conditions are disorders where the blood is more likely to cause blood clots in the blood vessels. Thrombophilia is a medical term we use to describe the blood’s increased tendency to clot. There are two types of thrombophilia:

  • Inherited thrombophilia is when one or both parents pass the condition to a child.
  • Acquired thrombophilia is abnormal clotting related to a specific cause such as immobility or infection.

The most important thing to remember is that even though your child may be at higher risk of developing a blood clot, it does not mean that a clot will ever develop in his or her lifetime.

Genetic Counseling for Hypercoagulable Conditions

We provide family and genetic counseling and testing for all types of hypercoagulable disorders to help you better understand your child’s condition and to determine the likelihood of passing the disorder to your children.