Healthcare Quality Index Top Performer 2020The Gender Spectrum Clinic provides healthcare services to youth with gender dysphoria, using a gender affirmative model of care and individualized treatment plans developed for each patient. The Gender Spectrum interdisciplinary team collaborates with patients, parents/guardians, mental health therapy providers and schools to ensure the best possible health care outcomes.

We recognize the unique barriers that youth experiencing gender dysphoria face in pursuing health care and want to ensure that our patients and families feel valued and respected under the care of our clinic. Our ultimate goal is to provide high-quality, evidence-based and gender-affirming care in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Hormone therapy (cross-sex hormone therapy)
  • Feminizing therapy
  • Masculinizing therapy
  • Menstruation suppression
  • Puberty suppression therapy
  • Referrals to additional medical specialties

Step 1:

Call 501-364-1430 to express interest in participating in our program. Please feel free to leave a confidential message on this secure line and our staff will return your call as soon as possible. Please leave good contact information and the best time to call. Please state your contact number slowly and clearly.

Step 2:

Our social worker will return your call, answer general questions about the program and set up a time to do an initial telephone assessment. During this 45-minute to one-hour phone call, she will gather some basic information about gender identity, family background, school participation and mental health history. There is no charge for this phone assessment.

Step 3:

An appointment will be scheduled for your first meeting with the team in the Gender Spectrum Clinic. During this appointment, the families will meet the medical team consisting of physician(s), nurses(s), social worker(s), pastoral care and sometimes a psychologist. Families can anticipate that they will spend up to three hours at this initial appointment. Please note that we do not prescribe cross sex hormones at the time of this initial appointment.

Step 4:

Sometimes we are able to schedule a visit with our psychologist at the initial appointment, but it is more likely that a subsequent appointment will be made for a psychology visit. This visit will last three to four hours and will include interviews with our patient and the family. This will help the patient and family identify any possible barriers to treatment and will lay the groundwork to establish treatment goals or resource needs. There is no charge for this psychology assessment.

Step 5:

For the duration of treatment, our multidisciplinary team is available by phone to answer questions and provide support. Our team meets on a monthly basis to staff cases to ensure that we maximize our clinical and therapeutic support to the patient and family.

Step 6:

After formulating a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for each patient, if appropriate and if all parties are in agreement, medical intervention will occur.

Step 7:

Patients will receive ongoing follow-up care until the patient transitions to an adult provider at age 21.

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