Angel One® FAQs

Q: How do I contact Angel One?

A: Call Angel One Toll-Free: 1-800-224-4357

Q: How many medical transports does Angel One perform each day?

A: On average, we transport five patients a day with an average transport time of 5 hours.

Q: What kind of weather does Angel One fly in?

A: Our aircraft are Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) equipped aircraft.  This means we are able to fly utilizing the same rules as the commercial airplanes utilizing the planned flight paths between larger airports.  This is different than a Visual Flight Rule (VFR) aircraft which can only fly where they can see.

Q: What is the age limit for Arkansas Children's Hospital and Angel One?

A: Arkansas Children's Hospital provides care to patients 21 years of age and under. Angel One follows this same principle, however, we also transport burn patients to ACH and High-Risk Obstetric patients which are taken to UAMS.

Q: How do I get a job at Angel One?

A: Angel One utilizes a variety of specialties on our team including Pilots for our aircraft, Certified A & P Mechanics, EMT’s for our Ambulances, EMT’s or other communication related certified staff for our communication center, and RN’s & RT’s for direct patient care. If you are interested in a position with Angel One, please visit the Careers section of the site.

Q: What is your service area?

A: Angel One serves the state of Arkansas as well as the surrounding states by helicopter and plane.  From Little Rock, our service area covers a 200 nautical miles radius.

Q: If I'm in a car accident will you come to get me?

A: Angel One does not perform a scene response.  We are an inter-facility transfer service.  If your child is in an accident, they need to get to the closest facility as quickly as possible.  If the physician at that facility determines the need for a helicopter they will call us for transport.

Q: What happens if I don’t have medical insurance- will you still come to pick me up?

A: Angel One serves the people of the state of Arkansas without a question of payment.  Patients who are from other states may require pre-approval.

Q: Who does the maintenance on your helicopters?

A: Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s own FAA Part 135 certificate gives us the ability to perform our own maintenance on our aircraft.  Arkansas Children's Hospital employs 6 full-time A & P mechanics, each of who bring many years of experience to Angel One.

Q: Can I make a financial contribution to Angel One?

A: You can donate to the Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation. The Foundation is the charitable organization that raises money for ACH and Angel One. Click here for more information about giving to Arkansas Children's Hospital and Angel One.

Q: Can your helicopter/ambulance vehicle come to visit our school/church/boy scouts etc.?

A: We utilize our ambulance for Public Relations requests within central Arkansas.  Due to so many flight requests, we are unable to utilize the helicopters for these types of requests.