Resources for Patients and Families

  • Koha is the UAMS/ACH Library catalog of books, magazines and DVD's. ACH books, magazines and DVD's may be borrowed from the ACH Library by patients' families.
  • Learning Disability Resource Library: Information and online resources regarding learning disabilities in children
  • Rare Diseases Database from NORD: Pamphlets on genetic and rare diseases available on all ACH networked computers.
  • Parenting Information Handouts: Parenting pamphlets available in English and Spanish.
  • Merck Manual - Home Edition : Bestselling reference book with disease and treatment descriptions.
  • Medline Plus Health Information : Pamphlets plus links to related Medline articles.
  • Books and Videos list: Books and DVD's are searchable on ACH/UAMS Catalog. Click on Advanced Search; click on Collection tab; then type a topic in the Keyword Box and check the ACH Family Library box then search to see everything on your topic to check out from the ACH Family Library.
  • AAFP handouts: Produced by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Spanish Patient Education Materials: Pamphlets in both English and Spanish from government agencies, hospitals and other organizations.