Social Work FAQ's

Q: I have questions about obtaining medical records on my child.
A: Click here for medical records information.

Q: TEFRA, what is it, and how does it work?
A: TEFRA web site 

Q: I am having difficulty paying utility bills; does ACH offer any assistance for this?
A: Although ACH does not have a specific fund to assist with utilities, there are several agencies that do provide assistance in this area. We recognize that many families face financial challenges. The local Department of Human Services offices are knowledgeable about community resources available in each county. While some medical conditions warrant the necessity for utilities, each case is considered individually, and most utility companies require a letter of medical necessity from the patient’s primary care physician.

Q: Does ACH have a 1-800 number, and if so what are the guidelines for its use?
A: The toll free number to the hospital is available for very limited circumstances. It is designed to allow family members access to medical staff and patient caregivers when family cannot be with their child during hospitalization. It is also used selectively in the out-patient areas by staff that have identified families whose children are treated frequently at ACH and are in the need of the 1-800 number. These families would be assessed for limited financial means or having lack of access to make long distance calls in order to speak with hospital staff and physicians.

Q: What lodging is available near the hospital?
A: Click here for nearby lodging information.

Q: What is Medicaid transportation and how can I access that service (phone number)?
A: Click here for transportation information.

Q: What if I have concerns about child abuse (physical and/or sexual) and/or neglect?
A: Click here for abuse and neglect page.