Social Work Referrals

The ACH Social Work department is available to meet the needs of patients and their families at any time. Social Workers are available Monday through Friday 8a.m. to 4:30pm. The department also provides Social Work staff in the evenings, and weekends for emergencies or crisis situations.

A Social Work referral or request for Social Work assistance can be initiated by any hospital personnel, patient, or family member. The primary avenue for contacting the department is through the main number: 501-364-1406. In the case of evening and weekend referrals hospital personnel can contact a Social Worker through the hospital operator, or consult the call schedule. Physicians may also write orders requesting a Social Work consult. Patients and families can also request a Social Worker directly either by calling our office or asking their nurse, physician or unit staff to make that contact.

Family members or other concerned friends or caregivers may also contact the Social Work department to request services for the patient. Please keep in mind that confidentiality is very important to our patients and information about patients can only be shared with immediate family members unless otherwise noted.