Vascular Anomalies Center of Excellence

One in every ten children is born with a congenital vascular lesion and between fifty and sixty percent of them will require some form of treatment, whether it be medical, surgical or laser photocoagulation. At Arkansas Children’s Hospital, a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary Vascular Anomalies Center has been developed to diagnose and treat children and adults with congenital vascular anomalies. This program has become recognized as a leading facility and serves patients from all over the United States as well as from other parts of the world. The Vascular Anomalies Center at Arkansas Children’s Hospital provides state of the art care and has pioneered many of the diagnostic and treatment techniques available today.

Program Features:

  • A comprehensive, multidisciplinary vascular anomalies team
  • National and international referral base
  • Strong commitment to treat the whole patient beginning with the correct diagnosis and education, then moving to treatment options including medical, surgical and laser therapy