Research Services

ACRI Research Guidebook  Download this comprehensive guide to learn about all of ACRI Research Support Services and to find contact information for each service. 

A service-oriented philosophy was in mind when the administrative staff was reorganized in 1997 in order to meet the dynamic needs of the ACRI’s research community. The staff acts as facilitators to ease the administrative burden of sponsored research. At the same time, the office provides an array of unique services, outside the general area of research administration, that have proven to be quite beneficial to the Institute’s cause.

The administrative staff supports the ACRI faculty throughout the grant process. The office provides pre- and post-award assistance to researchers. This includes services such as proposal development assistance, acting as liaison between the researcher and the sponsoring agency while ensuring the research complies with the agency guidelines and administrative requirements, assisting with the preparation of appropriate internal and external application forms, auditing of studies to ensure compliance with federal guidelines, and determining the accuracy of proposal budgets.

Grant and science writing and editing services are also available to investigators. The staff assists investigators with grant applications to federal agencies and private foundations as well as providing developmental and substantive editing of manuscripts.

A Legal and Human Protections Administrator is available to review and negotiate biomedical research agreements, such as clinical trial agreements and amendments, material transfer agreements, and confidential disclosure agreements.

The ACRI staff has a research information system that recognizes the growing importance of electronic research administration. The staff provides such unique services as electronic purchasing and real-time accounting, design and maintenance of Institute websites, and assistance with the location of funding opportunities and policy information. Also in development is the implementation of an electronic proposal routing system and other initiatives that are in line with the need to expedite the research administration process.

The Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) and its coordinator are available to support investigators conducting pediatric clinical trials. Investigational drug study activities are supported by the ACRI pharmacist on staff. This clinical coordinator provides assistance with study initiation, closure, randomization, and the day-to-day routine execution of clinical trials. Pharmacy-related support activities include drug accountability, study procedures, inventory/records documentation, and drug resource information for all health care providers. These activities combined, provide for a coordinated, efficient and accurate dispensing and documentation system.

Another area of support includes the animal research and operations aspect of the Institute. This unique function of ACRI provides oversight of the staff and materials of the animal facility, as well as the maintenance of the entire Institute. The staff ensures that the animal facilities of the Institute meet the stringent requirements set down by such groups as the American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). The office also acts as liaison with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for ACHRI’s researchers.