Arkansas Children’s Simulation Education Center opened in 2007, becoming the country’s first comprehensive simulation program at a children’s hospital. Today, the ACSEC is situated in a 4,200 SF stand-alone building on the campus of Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. The current configuration of space, which includes two medical education/simulation rooms, three outpatient clinic/exam rooms, two debrief/conference rooms and an observation room, allows us to simulate clinic rooms, inpatient rooms, emergency department bays, and even the hospital lobby. In addition, we take simulation courses and trainings out of the ACSEC and into the places and spaces where real events happen. This has been possible because of industry advancements that have allowed us to use improved wireless manikins and other transportable technology outside of the ACSEC. We have provided simulation trainings in the hospital, our outpatient clinics, at Arkansas Children’s Northwest and in communities around Arkansas.

Our Mission

In support of the mission, vision and values of Arkansas Children’s, the Arkansas Children’s Simulation Education Center (ACSEC) increases overall safety, advances skills training, promotes team development, and supports quality/safety/risk improvements using innovative simulation education.

Medical Director

Benefits of Using Simulation

    Simulation is a safe learning environment where:

  • Gaps in learning and practice can be identified and remedied 
  • Real-time response to (mock) emergencies can be rehearsed, allowing team members to clarify roles and responsibilities while improving internal communication
  • Individual and team decision-making skills can be sharpened 
  • Correct practice can foster confidence, consistency and proficiency in a challenging healthcare environment
  • Processes can be studied and honed
  • Communication skills with our patients and families can be improved
  • Hands-on practice can make more impact than more passive learning methods

    Simulation education supports:

  • Safety for patients, families, and Arkansas Children’s team members
  • Consistency and quality in how we deliver care, how we improve processes
  • Innovation in healthcare practice

ACSEC Initiatives

In support of the bold 2020-2025 Strategic Plan of Arkansas Children’s, the ACSEC is focused on programming that reinforces Arkansas Children’s promise: Unprecedented Child Health. Defined and Delivered.

Many of the courses currently offered and being planned will contribute to our success in advancing patient care, building community, and championing excellence. Examples of current and planned curricula/training include:

  • Telehealth Curriculum – Delivering healthcare to patients and families across the state
  • CANDOR – Improving communication with our patients and families
  • eCPR/ECMO Training – Providing ongoing practice in critical life-saving procedures
  • Patient/Family Education – Supporting families with hands-on practice before returning home
  • First Responder Training – Focusing on pediatric emergency response for firefighters, paramedics, school nurses, athletic trainers and others throughout Arkansas
  • Task-Specific Education – Using innovative 3D printing and modeling for practicing pediatric procedures

In the Community

Our Center provides pediatric specific training to places in the community as well. Some of those include:

  • Athletic Trainers
  • Fire Departments
  • Local EMS
  • Police Departments
  • Pediatric Emergencies
  • School Nurses