Adaptive Care Program “Pause for Me” Philosophy

Arkansas Children’s Adaptive Care Program “Pause for Me” is ready to pause, listen and understand your child’s individualized needs.

How does Pause for Me work?

Understanding each child’s behavioral and developmental needs can change their medical care experience. To better care for a diverse child population in the state, regionally and nationwide, Child Life Specialists give families a clinically-approved questionnaire to assess children and teens who have special needs like autism, Down syndrome, non-verbal patients, etc. It focuses on four areas: Communication, behavior, environment and how team members can be helpful for your child.

How will Pause for Me help my child?

Based on the questionnaire, Child Life Specialists create an adaptive care plan for your child available across all encounters at Arkansas Children’s. A “stoplight” icon will appear on a patient’s storyboard, allowing a team member to access the patient’s adaptive care plan.

Why should my child participate in Pause for Me?

This free adaptive care program at Arkansas Children’s is meant to meet patients where they are. If your child has needs that require specialized care, Arkansas Children’s pauses to listen to your family.

Adaptive Care Checklist

View the checklist used by Arkansas Children’s Child Life Specialists to create an adaptive care plan.

View the checklist here