Goals of Hospital School

  • Use the hospital stay as a positive event.
  • Develop an academic plan for all school-age patients, taking into account their medical condition.
  • Provide educational activities for all patients, in the classroom or at bedside.
  • Set up Homebound Services for those patients who cannot return to school upon discharge from the hospital.
  • Make the return back to school as easy as possible for the patient and family.
  • All school-age patients are offered the opportunity to attend hospital school, but it is not required.

Certified teachers, along with a team of volunteers, coordinate the Hospital School Program within the Child Life and Education Department. In addition to providing formal schooling, the teachers also provide educational support and developmental activities to the patients. As members of the patients’ care team, the teachers consult with other professionals involved with the patients’ care. Each teacher is also a current member of the Association for the Education of Children with Medical Needs.

Programs and Features

  • The Hospital School Program serves patients from 3 years through twelfth grade. The program operates five days a week, 12 months a year.
  • Two classrooms are used for instruction, one for preschool and one for ages 6-18.
  • Each classroom is complete with the latest in technology, textbooks, computers and developmental activities.
  • Parents are encouraged to bring books and schoolwork from their child’s school. Otherwise, the assignments can be faxed directly to our classroom from the teacher, counselor or other school staff. Should schoolwork not be available, appropriate grade-level work will be provided.
  • Hospital teachers keep the school updated on special needs the patient may have upon returning to school.
  • Our teachers maintain records of attendance and progress, which can be sent to the patient’s school upon request.
  • Individual bedside tutoring is provided for those patients who cannot attend the group setting.

School Re-entry 
Our teachers assist with back to school reentries when needed. In special cases, a teacher may visit the patients’ school to speak with school personnel or the students, to educate them on the returning patient’s diagnosis, condition, limitations, etc.

Contact Us 
Our hospital school teachers look forward to working with your child at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The teachers are available Monday through Friday. If you have any questions about specific educational needs of a patient, please call 501-364-1412 or 501-364-4449.