Who May Participate

Arkansas Children’s Hospital School program is available to all current patients, grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, at no billable cost. Special attention is given to those patients whose hospital stay will exceed eight days, patients with special educational needs, chronic illnesses, or patients who have missed school before hospitalization.

Facilitating Schoolwork During Hospitalization

Parents are encouraged to bring books and schoolwork from their child’s school. Otherwise, assignments can be faxed or emailed directly to our classroom from the teacher, counselor, or other school staff. Should schoolwork not be available, appropriate grade-level work will be available upon request. Our teachers are available to assist with grade-level work during group school held throughout the week. If your child is unable to participate in group school, individual bedside lessons may be provided.

During your child’s hospitalization, hospital teachers will keep your school updated on special needs the patient may have upon returning to school. Our teachers maintain records of attendance and progress, which can be sent to the patient’s school upon request.

Homebound Services

Arkansas Children’s Hospital School Program assists in initiating Homebound Services for those patients who cannot attend school upon discharge from the hospital. Our teachers work with your child’s school and medical team, facilitating this request to provide your child with an optimal learning environment. For more information about Homebound Services, please contact your Hospital School Program teacher.  

504 Plans

Due to medical reasons, patients with chronic diagnoses may need academic accommodations. Our Hospital School Program Teachers can assist with initiating 504 plans by coordinating with your child’s medical team and school counselor.

School Re-entry

Our teachers assist with back to school re-entry when needed. In special circumstances, a Hospital School Program teacher may visit the patients’ school to speak with school personnel or students to educate them on the returning patient’s diagnosis, condition, limitations, etc. For more information to determine if your child would benefit from school re-entry assistance, please contact the Hospital School Program at 501-364-4449

Arkansas Children’s Hospital School Program’s teachers are licensed, certified teachers with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. In addition to providing formal schooling, the teachers also provide educational support and developmental activities. As members of the patient care team, the teachers consult with other professionals involved with the patients’ care to encourage a successful return to school. Due to the Arkansas Department of Education classification of the school program, students cannot enroll in the school program and will remain enrolled in the patient’s current school.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Hospital School Program, please contact Volunteer Engagement for more information. 

Arkansas Children’s Hospital ensures your child has the best resources to continue their education during hospitalization. The Hospital School Program’s classroom is complete with the latest in technology, computers, and developmental activities.

Patients have access to a variety of technology in the classroom, including Apple TVs, iPads, ChromeBooks, among other aids to assist in completing schoolwork. With a wide range of school-assigned reading books, patients can continue their education during their hospital stay. The classroom also hosts educational enrichment activities with a variety of community partners throughout the year. These activities focus on history, science, etc. for all ages.

The classroom is located on the 4th floor of Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s main building and is available for group school sessions year-round Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 AM-11:30 AM.

Hospital classroom with bookshelves and tables
Three yellow chairs in the hospital classroom

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