Arkansas Children Hospital Little Rock has a dynamic in-house arts program led by our resident artists. The Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program is funded partially through a grant from the Arkansas Arts Council and is also funded by Arkansas Children’s and philanthropic donations. Patients have the opportunity to create colorful artwork showcased in the annual Patient Art Show and these collections are hung throughout the hospital to enrich both the inpatient and clinic visits of our patients and families. Many patients also prefer to keep their artwork to share with their family members.

Creating artwork can help patients reduce anxiety and fear associated with their hospitalization. All aspects of the visual arts are represented, with opportunities to use traditional art supplies such as paint, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, and materials like cardboard, air-dry clays, fibers, and fabrics and various medical supplies.

Artists-in-Residence work with patients at the bedside, in the hospital school program, and in the activity rooms to create art that is then framed and hung throughout the hospital. This includes art in the various patient activity rooms, therapy rooms, hospital classroom, hallways, clinics, and offices throughout the hospital. Patient art is showcased in our Jonesboro, Lowell, Southwest Little Rock, West Little Rock clinics, and the Steven’s Elementary School clinic.

Patients can participate in Arkansas Children’s Art Program in a variety of settings throughout the hospital.

Arkansas Children’s Artists-in-Residence bring their art carts chocked full of creative potential to patients’ bedsides, tailoring art experiences to individual patient’s interests and needs. This may include participation in group projects that will be hung within the hospital, pieces for the annual Patient Art Show at the Thea Foundation, or individual art projects created to decorate their hospital room.

Patients also have the opportunity to engage in group art sessions while participating in Arkansas Children’s Hospital Little Rock’s activity areas. Artists-in-Residence are available to engage in art with patients in a medically-free, safe environment, encouraging them to embrace creativity and imagination during hospitalization.

In addition to the activity rooms, Artists at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Little Rock also support patients during group school classroom sessions. Artists-In-Residents assist patients with art assignments for their school, creative ways to complete other school projects, or individual and group art projects.

Throughout the year, the artists collect patient art created during their hospitalization to be displayed in the annual Patient Art Show at the Thea Foundation. Patients’ families along with members of the community are invited to attend The Patient Art Show throughout October and artwork is showcased during Little Rock’s Art Walk After the show, displayed artwork from the show is hung in Arkansas Children’s Hospital Little Rock’s permanent Patient Art Gallery in the main hospital. 

Patients interested in participating are encouraged to contact Arkansas Children’s artists-in-residence at 501-364-2351

Contact Artists-in-Residence

Our artists-in-residence look forward to working with your child at Arkansas Children’s in Little Rock! For additional information or questions regarding the art program please contact your medical team or reach out to your child life specialist at 501-364-1412.

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