We urge every eligible Arkansan to take the COVID-19 vaccine immediately.

Every child who was positive with COVID-19 and then discharged in July was unvaccinated, even though some were eligible for the vaccination. Oftentimes, children contract COVID-19 from unvaccinated peers and adults who do not exhibit symptoms.

We fully anticipate seeing more kids get sick with the delta variant of COVID-19 because it spreads more easily than earlier strains and because kids under 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are effective against the delta variant.

Vaccinating eligible tweens, teens and adults as quickly as possible is the best way we can protect Arkansas children from the COVID-19 delta variant." - Marcy Doderer, President and CEO, Arkansas Children's

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Arkansas Children's has put together resources to help you as you make your decision about getting the vaccine.

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