EARS is an outreach service of Arkansas Children's designed to provide educational audiology/speech-language pathology for school districts, educational cooperatives, preschool programs, and other educational settings to address students' needs with hearing loss and other auditory disorders. The audiology services that are provided range from managing hearing screening programs to assist with amplification and other technical assistance in the classroom and recommendations for accommodations/modifications for students with auditory processing disorders, cochlear implants, etc. A full range of evaluation services is available, including audiological assessments, counseling/guidance for parents and hearing conservation education. Speech pathology services include specialized assessments (with a written report), classroom observations, assistance with writing appropriate goals, and modeling therapy with individual students.

Experienced audio speech-language pathologists and educators are also available to assist in developing IFSP/IEPs and provide focused in-service training for professionals and paraprofessionals. The services of the professionals on the EARS team can be contracted regularly by the school district and other educational sites or called in on an "as needed" basis. Within Arkansas, most school districts have limited or no access to specialized onsite services specific to children with auditory and listening challenges. This outreach program forms a much-needed bridge to fill in the gap between identification, education and academic outcomes for students with hearing impairment.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Arkansas Department of Education - Special Education Unit.

Audiology Clinic - EARS Program Playlist

Get quick tips to troubleshoot common problems with amplification and other hearing issues from the audiology team at Arkansas Children's. This video playlist covers the following topics: FM and DM, Hearing Aid tips, BAHA and BAI, BiCROS and CROS plus more. 

EARS HEARSAY Newsletters

HEARSAY is a newsletter for school professionals in Arkansas who are educating students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Each issue will include information, resources, and tips for working with this unique student population. We publish 3-4 new issues each school year.

Please email ears@archildrens.org to be added to our newsletters distribution list.

EARS LiveBinder(Additional Handouts and Resources)

Check out our EARS team LiveBinder for additional information and handouts

Want more information about how we can help you and your school? Email us at ears@archildrens.org.

Contact the EARS Program

For more information about the EARS program, send an email to ears@archildrens.org.