Arkansas Children’s provides specialized, listening-based speech and language therapy for children with hearing loss in the state of Arkansas. 

This program was designed to teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to optimally use today’s advanced technology, such as digital hearing aids and cochlear implants. This program is intended to strengthen the listening skills of all children with hearing loss, both oral and sign-language communicators. Therapy is designed to teach the parents/caregivers how to foster auditory skills and create a listening environment for children with hearing loss. We offer a specialized type of therapy called Auditory-Verbal therapy, which teaches children with a severe to profound hearing loss to communicate orally. We are proud to have certified Auditory-Verbal Therapists (LSLS Cert.AVT®), and other speech-language pathologists with specialized experience and knowledge in teaching listening and spoken language skills. We work closely with the Audiologists at Arkansas Children’s to monitor and treat our patients. 

The goal is to enable your child to function to his/her maximum potential within a hearing society. The age of your child when hearing loss is identified, degree of usable hearing, parental participation in therapy activities, and cognitive skills are all factors that may impact the child's success as an independent communicator.