Children in the PICU are cared for by a team of physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, child life specialists, and other consultants.

The Family

The family is a very important part of the team. Please tell us your needs, concerns, and knowledge of your child. We would like you to help us in caring for your child. Team members can find ways for you to help.

The Doctors

The doctors will make a plan of treatment for your child. They will visit your child's bedside and review his/her care daily or sometimes many times per day. If your child has many medical problems, you may meet several different doctors. Each team caring for your child includes an attending doctor specially trained in an area of medicine or surgery.

The Critical Care Medicine Service (CCM) is the main team for many patients in the PICU. For children being cared for by a surgical or another specialty team, the CCM team provides help and manages your child's care that is not directly related to the surgery or other specialty areas. The CCM team reviews the plan for every patient's care daily.

Your child will be moved from the PICU when your physician team feels that he/she is better served in a different unit of the hospital. Many patients will have a different group of physicians after they leave the PICU. The new group of physicians will be told about your child's care while in the PICU. They will be responsible for care during the remainder of your child's stay in the hospital. They will also decide when your child will be discharged from the hospital.

The Nursing Staff

While in the PICU, your child will be cared for by one of our registered nurses. Our specially trained nurses will monitor your child at all times, give medications, and meet their day to day needs. PICU nurses work as a team with doctors and other specialties to provide total care for each child. Always feel free to ask your nurse questions about your child's illness and plan of care. This will help you understand all aspects of care to the fullest extent possible.

Patient Care Manager

The Patient Care Manager (PCM) works with the Nursing Director, physicians, and all other members of the health care team to ensure high quality patient care delivery. The PCM manages daily operations on every shift in the PICU. A PCM is available to speak to you regarding any questions or concerns you may have about your stay in the PICU.

Patient Care Technicians

Patient Care Technicians (PCT) help the nursing staff with many tasks. They help during patient transfers, stock patient bedsides with needed supplies and help with bathing, changing, and feeding patients. They also set up patient rooms prior to their arrival, and help the team during the admission process.

Unit Secretary

The Unit Secretary is usually the first person you will see when you come to the unit. They have many duties that help the physicians and nurses such as answering telephone calls, ordering lab work, arranging procedures and keeping patient's charts up to date. The unit secretary works closely with the waiting room staff. They are always a great resource for parents who need information or directions.

Respiratory Care Staff

The Respiratory Therapist (RT) performs several functions in the PICU. If your child requires a ventilator, respiratory therapists are responsible for the set-up and care of the ventilator. RT's will also make changes to the settings of the ventilator to make it work better for your child. If your child needs treatments that will help them breathe easier or help their lung function, the RT's will do these treatments. In addition, RT's help the nurses move patients, and transport patients to other areas of the hospital for tests, and assist your child in any way they can.

Pastoral Care

Chaplains from the Pastoral Care Department visit patients and families in the PICU. They are here to help with your religious or spiritual needs. To request a chaplain's visit, ask any staff member and they will be happy to page them for you. Learn more about the Pastoral Care Department.

Social Work

Our Social Workers are trained to help you with personal or family issues that may arise while your child is in the hospital. Social Workers can be reached through your child's nurse or the social work office. A social worker is always available after hours and for emergencies. Learn more about the Social Work Department.

Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists are here to assist with the stress and anxiety you, your child, and your family may have in the hospital. Child Life Specialists offer support to you and your child by helping you learn more about your child's care your child's idea of self, and the hospital setting. A Child Life Specialist will help prepare you and your child for surgery or other procedures. Learn more about the Child Life Specialists.

Family Support Assistant

The Family Support Assistant will be available to help orient families to the PICU waiting room. They can help families and visitors in need of information or directions. They will reserve beds in the critical care waiting room for parents or primary caregivers. Family Support Assistants also help arrange visits to the patient's bedside in the unit.