When back pain is caused by pressure on a nerve root, spondylolysis, or is severe and diffuse, a targeted injection may help with the pain.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the procedure, your child will be evaluated to ensure the injection is warranted. If sedation is required, your child will need to be fasting for an appropriate amount of time.

During the Procedure

The procedure is performed in the Interventional Radiology room. The back is cleaned and then numbed with a local anesthetic. Under image guidance, the needle is advanced to the desired location. After confirming the appropriate needle location, medicine (usually a steroid mixed with a numbing medicine) is injected.

After the Procedure

Most patients feel results within moments of the injection due to the numbing medicine used. The pain may return later that day when the numbing medicine wears off. The steroid takes a few days to start to take effect; however, its effects can last from 6 months up to one year or longer. If the pain does return, a repeat injection can be performed.

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