An effective therapy to treat obstructive sleep apneas (OSA) and sleep-disordered breathing in children and adolescents is with non-invasive positive airway pressure (PAP). We have an exceptional Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Adherence program led by a respiratory therapist and sleep behavioral psychologist with support from the sleep physician. Children who are prescribed PAP therapy are guided and encouraged at every step to try and achieve excellent adherence to the treatment.

PAP therapy involves the delivery of room air by way of a bedside machine that delivers a stream of air to the child’s airway using an oral or nasal mask. This stream of air prevents airway collapse.  PAP machines use mild air pressure to keep the airways open in patients who have breathing problems during sleep.

After initiation to the device, a consistent approach to desensitization, patient education, behavioral and technical support and frequent follow-ups helps to achieve further adherence.