Surgical Unit 3E

For patients needing care following general surgery, such as the removal of the tonsils and adenoids or orthopedic procedures, the Surgical Unit 3E provides high quality, family-focused care.

Located on the third floor of Arkansas Children’s, Surgical Unit 3E has 13 private rooms where your child can rest and heal following surgery. All of our rooms can support isolation, when needed.

Our team of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, clinical nutritionists and child life specialists take a multidisciplinary approach to ensure your child receives the best possible care after surgery. We also work together with other specialists, including respiratory, ENT and orthopedic specialists for a coordinated care plan.


Arkansas Children’s | Surgical Unit 3E
Little Rock, AR 72202
Main Unit: 501-364-1362

Visiting Hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm