Heart Institute Volumes and Outcomes

Arkansas Children’s entire team of pediatric heart specialists work together for improved outcomes (results). Safety is a core value and top priority at Arkansas Children’s. This is the philosophy behind our quality improvement movement, Make Zero Happen: Know Harm. No Harm.

Arkansas Children’s Heart Institute has the only children’s heart surgery program in Arkansas. We’ve performed thousands of heart surgeries since the program began.

  • 1959 – First pediatric cardiologist was hired at ACH
  • 1981 – First full-time heart surgeon began the surgical program
  • 1990 – Heart transplant program began

We’re pleased to share our volumes (number of surgeries/procedures done) and outcomes (results of treatment) to help parents and families make informed decisions about their child’s care.

Heart Institute Volumes 2016

Diagnostic Testing and Cardiac Imaging

Echocardiograms 9,192 TOTAL
Electrocardiograms 6,910
Outside electrocardiograms 2,329
Outside echocardiograms 1,865
Holter Monitors 1,241
Fetal echocardiograms 802
Cardiac CT 150
Cardiac MRI 147

Cardiovascular Anesthesia

Cath Lab 498 TOTAL
Cardiac Surgery 383
Cardiac Anesthesia in Non-Cardiac Location 206
Cardiac Radiology 119
Procedures 72

Cardiac Cath Procedures

Interventional Caths 158 TOTAL
Diagnostic Caths 103
Biopsy Cardiac Caths 101
EP Studies and Ablation Procedures 64
Pacemaker and Defibrillator Implants 33

Cardiology Outpatient Clinic Visits

Little Rock 7,841 TOTAL
Lowell 1,127
Jonesboro 299
Fort Smith 199
Texarkana 141

Heart Institute Outcomes 2012-2016

The blue bar represents ACH survival rates and the red bar represents the Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ (STS) national averages, which medical centers can use to compare.

Heart Center Survival Rates by Procedure
CoA – Coarctation of the Aorta; TOF – Tetrology of Fallot; ASO – Arterial switch operation