Arkansas Children’s Employment Verification Requests

  • The Office of Human Resources will provide employment verification for current and former employees, responding within 72 hours.
  • These requests will be completed according to established policies and procedures as described below.
  • Please ensure all contact information for the recipient is listed on the request.
  • For the protection of confidential employment information, Human Resources will only release dates of employment and job title in response to standard verifications with a consent and authorization to release employment information.

Special Provisions

  • A signed consent/authorization form completed for a financial institution will be accepted and processed to include financial information.
  • A signed Arkansas Children's consent/authorization form will be accepted and processed to include information as specified by the employee/former employee.
  • Federal Law Enforcement verifications do not require a signed consent and authorization form.
  • Arkansas Children's Human Resources may, at its discretion, accept a third party’s consent and authorization when the written request:
    • Identifies the specific information to be released,
    • Identifies specifically to whom the information is to be released,
    • Identifies the purpose of the request,
    • Includes the signature and date of the employee or former employee.

The consent must:

  • Include the exact information the employee/former employee wishes to have verified by Human Resources,
  • Be used only for the purpose designated on the form,
  • Be signed and dated by the employee/former employee.

» Download and complete the Arkansas Children's Authorization & Consent For as noted above.

Contact Information

Phone: 501-364-2196 
Fax: 501-364-2806