Care Provided

  • Ophthalmology, orthoptics, optometry, oculoplastic, neuro-ophthalmology and ocular alignment
  • Problems related to the eye (i.e., strabismus, amblyopia, childhood cataracts, glaucoma, retina, cornea, orbit, eyelid and neurologic disorders and retinopathy of maturity)
  • Normal eye care services including contact lenses

Misaligned Eyes (Strabismus) and Treatment Explained. What is Strabismus?

We focus so much on babies' eyes when they're born. It's no wonder that new parents often become concerned when they notice their baby's eyes look a little funny, maybe even crossed. If it seems as though a baby doesn't make steady eye contact or is unable to follow an item, parents do need to discuss the issue with their pediatrician. As children grow older, parents should be more concerned if they notice misalignment in their child's eyes.

Medical Director


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Fax: 501-364-6846

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