Study Description

Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center is investigating the nutrients from blueberries in a short-term nutrition research study. We will investigate how these nutrients reach blood and urine, and how they may affect bone, immune, and cardiovascular health of children 11 to 12 years old. This study consists of three visits total. Visit #2 and visit #3 will need to be completed within a 2-week time span at Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center.

This study is randomized into two groups. That means the child will be put into one of two groups by chance, like flipping of a coin. For 5 days, the child will have to eat food items such as cookies, oat bars, juice, etc. that have either blueberry or placebo in them. Placebo looks and taste like blueberry but in reality is not blueberry. Participants will not know if their child is getting the blueberry or placebo.

At the first visit, we will perform a fitness test and measure body composition. During the study, we collect blood in 2 out of the 3 visits. At the third visit, we will place an IV in order to get multiple blood Version #3 5/10/2021 samples throughout the visit. We will also collect urine, stool, and saliva samples. We perform an ultrasound of the arm to see how blood vessels are working. Parents will answer questionnaires about their child’s medical history, physical activity and development.

The first 2 visits may last up to 4 hours and the last visit may last up to 8 hours. The total compensation for participation is $275.

Study Eligibility

Healthy 11-12 year olds who eat less than 2 cup of fruit and less than 2 cup of vegetables per day.