Center for Translational Pediatric Research

Director: Alan J. Tackett, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Pathology


The Center for Translational Pediatric Research (CTPR) seeks to investigate how pediatric diseases develop from a systems biology and mechanistic approach, with the ultimate goal of identifying the intersections of disease and development, which will produce targets for therapeutic intervention and the development of new treatments. Systems biology is an integrated approach examining all events within cells, tissues, and organisms that lead to a particular outcome. By applying a systems biology approach to the study of pediatric diseases, the CTPR hopes to expand existing knowledge of pediatric disease development and contribute to new therapeutic targets. The long term goal of the CTPR is to build an innovative, multi-disciplinary pediatric research center that utilizes cutting-edge systems biology technologies and state-of-the-art translational research to study pediatric diseases.

Pilot Project Program

The CTPR is seeking applications to the Pilot Project Program.

The Pilot Project Program awards $75,000/year in direct costs to a junior scientist whose research interests closely match the focus of the CTPR. Two awards are issued every year. Applications should follow NIH R21 format and guidelines. Interested individuals should email Dr. Alan Tackett ( to ensure the proposed research fits with the mission of the CTPR.


Program Coordinator: Sonet Weed (