Excellence in Scholarship Award

Awarded to the outstanding RN who demonstrates excellence in scholarship.

 Criteria for Selection:

  • Actively engaged in research on ACH campus
  • Shares the findings through presentations
  • Participates in organization-wide initiatives
  • Mentors staff in the advancement of research
  • Actively participates in and models lifelong learning
  • Demonstrates exceptional clinical expertise
  • Demonstrates commitment to practice improvement
I nominate First Name:  *Last Name:  *Credentials:  *Department:  *As a deserving recipient of the Excellence in Scholarship Award. This person consistently meets the above criteria (review criteria and enter comments below): Include a story with specific examples of how the nurse meets criteria:  *Your Name:  *Your Credentials:  *Unit:  *Relationship to Nominee:  *Phone:  *Your Email:  *I give permission to the Nurses Week Committee to share a copy of this nomination with the nominee after the awards period.