Tumors are abnormal growths in the bone or soft-tissue that can displace healthy tissue. They are most often benign but can be cancerous. Sarcomas are cancers in the connective tissues, including nerves, muscles and bones. When your child is diagnosed with a bone tumor or sarcoma, our highly specialized group of experts is here to help. We use leading-edge treatment techniques to care for pediatric patients with bone and soft tissue tumors.

No matter the type of bone tumor or sarcoma, your child will be in excellent hands at Arkansas Children’s. Our expert team provides care and treatment for a broad range of bone and soft tissue tumors and sarcomas, as well as vascular malformations. Some children may qualify to take part in a clinical trial.

Possible Conditions

Diagnostic Tests

New patients receive a comprehensive evaluation that may include:

  • Physical exam
  • X-ray evaluation
  • Pathologic evaluation. Doctors will study the cells of the growth, tumor or sarcoma to determine the type of cancer or benign growth. This information allows them to choose the best treatment for your child.

Meet the Team

Our membership in several international research groups gives your child access to numerous clinical trials and the most advanced treatments (CTOS, SARC, MSTS, COG). We are participating in studies for initial treatment and treatment of relapsed tumors.


Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the Bone Tumor and Sarcoma Program. Appointments may need to be by referral from your child’s pediatrician.

The number of children who beat bone cancer keeps growing, thanks to the development of new treatments like these. At Arkansas Children’s, we use a multidisciplinary process to diagnose and treat your child’s condition. Treatments vary depending on your child’s specific type of bone tumor or sarcoma.

Possible Treatments

Clinical Trials

Doctors and scientists around the world are testing many new treatments for bone tumors and sarcomas – and we at Arkansas Children’s are helping out, too. Clinical trials ensure your child can receive the most up-to-date care.

Current clinical trials are developing:

  • New chemotherapy drugs
  • Medicines that slow growth factors tied to osteosarcomas
  • Combined chemotherapy and radiation to target tumor cells

These resources help families to learn more about bone tumors and sarcomas:

  • Sarcomahelp.org. This website provides information about the types of sarcomas and their treatment.
  • National Cancer Institute. This government website offers information about the different kinds of bone cancers and soft tissue sarcomas and treatments.
  • American Cancer Society. This nonprofit website includes an overview of bone tumors and sarcomas that develop in children.

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