The Dental Programs at Arkansas Children’s provides care for patients with limited access to traditional dental care due to age, medical, or economic liabilities. Our program is divided into two distinct programs.

  • The first is a hospital-based program that provides complex dental and craniofacial care for patients with medical, developmental, or structural anomalies within a multidisciplinary team that includes both dental and medical professionals.
  • Our second program is a school-based model that provides care for children through a school clinic, mobile dental clinics, and a traveling sealant program.

Care Provided

  • Comprehensive pediatric dental care school-aged children
  • Arkansas Children’s Dental Outreach operates a fleet of four mobile dental clinics and provides comprehensive dental care to children regardless of the family’s ability to pay; the Dental Outreach program currently serves elementary schools in central, northwest, southeast and southwest Arkansas
  • Northwest and Central Arkansas regions are part of the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® program.
  • Dental Outreach appointments are coordinated with the child's elementary school nurse or school contact.

Arkansas Children's Dental Vans -Delivering smiles across the state

Four Arkansas Children's Dental Vans travel the state, providing dental care to children in 15 Arkansas counties. Dental-related illness is the #1 reason kids miss school. Learn more about the program and how its staff are champions for children!

Arkansas Children's Dental Van

Come onboard our mobile dental van to hear Dental Hygienist Leigh Anne Whistle explain how we champion children through teeth cleanings, X Rays and even root canals. Our mobile dental vans go throughout the state to serve children in areas where going to a dentist is difficult. Healthy teeth are important for overall wellbeing and keep a child happy and in school.

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