Your child's comfort is very important to us. Because you know your child best, we will need you to let us know some of the things that are important to him or her. There are also things that you can do, depending on your child's illness to help decrease stress and improve your child's comfort. We encourage and appreciate your involvement in your child's care. Feel free to ask questions and tell us your needs and concerns.
  • Bring in your child's favorite toy, stuffed animal or special blanket.
  • Play your child's favorite music.
  • Read to your child.
  • Leave a tape of you and your family's voice to play for your child when you can't be at the bedside.
  • Bring in photos of your child and other family members.
  • Assist the nursing staff with bathing, applying lotion, diaper changing or dressing your child.
  • Comfort your child with your voice or touch.
  • Allow your child rest periods by helping to decrease the noise, activity and number of visitors around your child's bedside.