Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) is home to a non-invasive brain mapping technology called magnetoencephalography (MEG). The only one of its kind in the state, the MEG system allows physicians to help identify patients who may benefit from epilepsy surgery. It’s also used to evaluate brain activity and mapping before brain tumor surgery.

MEG detects magnetic fields produced in the brain to help our epileptologists (doctors who treat epilepsy) to identify areas of the brain that seizures are generating. The mapping technology is more precise than standard electroencephalography (EEG); however, it’s complementary to other tests and is usually used in combination with MRI scans and EEG tests.

The MEG test is non-invasive and safe for both children and adults. The test can take up to an hour, but the entire visit could last up to four hours.

MEG also has research applications in patients with neurological disorders such as autism, Alzheimer’s, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injury.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) - Life Changing Technology for Epilepsy and Neurosurgery Patients