Meet the Team

The specialty doctors and nurses at Arkansas Children’s are specifically trained to care for diabetes, obese and endocrine patients. We are experts at treating a wide range of pediatric diabetic and endocrine conditions. Our team provides your child with the most advanced treatment and is here to answer your questions.

Endocrinology doctors

Center for Obesity And its Consequences in Health (COACH) Nurse Team

  • Elyse Koon, RN Specialty Nurse COACH Program
  • Robin Gipson, RD

Diabetes Nurse Team

  • Jennifer Seller, RN, CDE
  • Karen Hefner, RN, CDE
  • Brittany Blankenship, RN
  • Morgan Butler, RN
  • Lisa Still, RN, CDE

Endocrine Nurse Team

  • Rebecca Hobson, RN
  • Thao Le, RN
  • Jaime Herring, RN