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Arkansas Children's Urology has a long-standing history of caring for children who need improvements in their bladder, kidney and urinary tract. Our program started more than 40 years ago and has grown to include surgeons, advanced practice registered nurses, multiple specialty and clinic nurses, and clinics in Springdale, Jonesboro, and central Arkansas. Children from across the state and region depend on the care of the Urology Service at Arkansas Children’s. Whether they need a complex birth defect repaired, assistance with prolonged bed-wetting or help to resolve kidney stones, children require specialized care. Their bodies are smaller and more delicate. Their treatments must be too.

Families know they receive care tailored to their children when they bring them to the urology clinic at Arkansas Children's. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained urologists understand that urologic disorders can be challenging both physically and emotionally. We offer comprehensive support that begins at the first evaluation and continues past recovery.

Our urologists offer families expertise in noninvasive testing and minimally invasive surgery. They also have special training in a wide range of disorders including hypospadias, dysfunctional voiding and ambiguous genitalia.

Our specialists spend time with each patient, listening carefully to their concerns and creating a plan with the family’s input. This patient-focused environment leads to a better outcome for every child.

Patient Stories

Jordan's Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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What sets Arkansas Children's Urology apart?

  • Each year our service cares for children through more than 7,500 visits for urologic treatment.
  • It is the only hospital in Arkansas with three surgeons trained to use the da Vinci Surgical Robot for pediatric urology procedures. This means more children have the opportunity to recover from urologic surgeries with less pain, shorter recovery times and minimal scarring.
  • Arkansas Children's Urology treats large volumes of issues that are mostly seen in the pediatric population – hypospadias, circumcisions, undescended testicles and bedwetting among them.
  • We also offer Telehealth visits in the Springdale, Jonesboro, Texarkana, and Fort Smith areas. We believe that telehealth saves time and money for the families by increasing the ease of access to Arkansas Children’s Hospital while providing high-quality care. 
  • We have dedicated pediatric anesthesiologists, trained in delivering exactly the pain control your child needs.
  • Our specialized equipment offers children a more comfortable experience, from clinical exam to surgical suite and home care.
  • Ongoing research means our pediatric urologists are at the forefront of developments that will give each child the best chances for better urologic function