Administrative Staff

Welcome to ACRI Research Administration.  If you are unsure of the administrative team member who could best answer your questions, please contact the main office number (501-364-7373) and you will be directed to the appropriate team member.

Research Executives
Administrative Services Director 501-364-6527
Barry Brady, FACHE, CRA ACRI Chief Operating Officer 501-364-6517
Administrative Assistant 501-364-7373
Research Administrative Staff
Andrea Dixon Assistant General Counsel 501-364-3571
Brandon Fowlkes Manager of Animal Care and Husbandry 501-364-2759
Jill Franklin Research Pharmacy Coordinator 501-364-2596
Robin Gibson Clinical Research Manager 501-364-1542
Tarina Goodwin Research Support Coordinator 501-364-2700
Robyn Graham Research Account Coor 501-364-6554
John Gregan Science Writer/Editor 501-364-6296
Blake Harrison Director of Animal Operations 501-364-2710
Jill Hernandez Research Pharmacist 501-364-2596
Amanda Holloway Human Research Protections Program Director 501-364-2862
Sarah Jones Environmental Services Supervisor 501-364-1911
Al Martin Facilities and Equipment Manager 501-364-7519
Teresa McDuffie Research Accounts Director 501-364-6546
Anne McMains Grant Development Specialist 501-364-5143
Lanette Nimmer Clinical Research Specialist 501-364-3577
Robbie Robinette Senior Software Developer 501-364-2016
Amy Stalls Core Services Coordinator 501-364-3627
Janet Storment Clinical Trials Administrator 501-364-2760
Kimberly Voight Biorepository Specialist 501-364-5112
Jocelyn Wright Research Monitoring Specialist 501-364-3120
Phaedra Yount Director of Research Grants and Contracts Administration
and Communications