Gresham Richter, M.D., FACS

Professor of Pediatrics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Phone:  501-364-1100

Research Overview

Dr. Richter is the Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Vascular Anomalies Clinic and

Research Director at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH). He is a Professor in the UAMS College of Medicine and holds the Benjamin & Milton Waner Endowed Chair in Pediatric Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at ACH. Dr. Richter is the Founder and Director of the Arkansas Vascular Biology Program, a research center dedicated to investigating normal and abnormal vascular development at Arkansas Children's Research Institute. This center maintains over 700 square feet of laboratory space with dedicated personnel (Research specialist, 2 x MD-PhD scientists) to develop experimental models and identify genetic and molecular targets for lymph and blood vasculature.

Dr. Richter is a head and neck surgeon with 50% percent of his clinical time dedicated to the treatment of children with vascular anomalies and head and neck tumors. He is an avid researcher with over 100 publications, 2 textbooks, and 30 book chapters of which many are directed to the fields of pediatric otolaryngology, vascular anomalies, and head and neck cancer. Dr. Richter and his collaborators have been awarded numerous grants and scientific prizes for their research. He has been an invited speaker at national and international organizations, holds several institutional leadership positions, and on the board of two national and one international organization. 

Dr. Richter’s professional interests lie in the identification of a cure for vascular anomalies by select targeting of the anomalous vasculature present in these lesions. His bench-top and clinical research currently examines aberrant blood and lymphatic channels in vascular tumors and malformations. Pilot work has led to published in vitro and in vivo experimental models with genetic and molecular characterization of vascular anomalies. In close collaboration with his colleagues, Dr. Horacio Gomez-Acevedo and Dr. Stewart MacLeod, Dr. Richter is directing his investigations into high-throughput sequencing technologies (e.g., whole exome sequencing) to identify therapeutic targets of vascular malformations. Dr. Gomez-Acevedo is a well-established expert in bioinformatics whereas Dr. MacLeod has decades of experience microbiology and genomic research with expertise in Illumina sequencing. This collaboration provides a coalition of laboratories with clinical, bioinformatics, and molecular biology expertise in identifying novel genetic or epigenetic approaches to direct the pharmacologic treatment of congenital disorders of vascular development. 

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